Ideas for Cause Campaign

The overall objective of the campaign strategy, is to create a national event where all groups could participate in the same event, on the same day, across the nation. This point of this would be to draw attention to the event as a movement, a movement towards getting people to pay more attention to melanoma. This would also form a sense of community which is important in truly giving participants a feeling that they are making a difference, and also as a form of support. 

Cause Campaign

Melanoma has had an impact on my family, and it means a lot to me to help spread awareness.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and every hour someone dies from Melanoma. This is why I am choosing the Melanoma Research Foundation for my cause campaign project.

Their mission is to increase awareness and early detection, and to raise funds for finding a cure, and treatment advancements through research.